Our Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster and participate in national and international competition, by supporting and developing athletes with the dedication and physical and mental strength and endurance needed to compete on a national and international level. In furtherance of this mission, we will follow the rules and guidelines of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), and seek to participate in the WFDTA Apprentice Program, with the goal of eventually obtaining full WFTDA membership.

We will provide women of Southeastern Massachusetts and the surrounding region with the opportunity to train, participate, and compete in this challenging and exciting sport. We seek to empower women through athleticism, discipline, sportswomanship, and teamwork, playing with integrity and respect for all our derby sisters. We place character before appearance, and aim to bring together a group of strong and diverse women committed to the pursuit of excellence, both on and off the track.


Mass Attack Roller Derby is a reputable WFTDA member league, with an all-star team ranked number one in the nation. MARD continues to practice hard, pushing each skater to their maximum potential, and exploring the future of flat track roller derby by keeping up to the most up to date changes in the sport. MARD is financially stable in that skaters are not required to pay dues, travel expenses, or uniform expenses. MARD has an exclusive bouting venue and practice space and is highly sought after as the league to join in the roller derby community. MARD is recognized by the community of South Eastern Massachusetts, and has the greatest support from the local fan base. Community leaders, such as mayors, support MARD as one of the leading positive influences in the community.