Author: Meg

Mass Attack Roller Derby Home Opener!

Mass Attack Roller Derby will host a doubleheader home opener at Carousel Family Fun Center of Fairhaven Fairhaven, MA — After playing away games in New York, New Hampshire, and Maine to start their season, Mass Attack Roller Derby (MARD) will host their first home games of 2016 at Carousel… Read more »

My MARD Fresh Meat Journey

Last October I joined my best friend for an afternoon adventure to one of our usual haunts, The Pour Farm Tavern, in downtown New Bedford. It was due to be an excellent afternoon as the local Beard and Mustache Guild teamed up with the Pour Farm for the “Great Pumpkin… Read more »

2015 Season schedule!

Mass Attack Roller Derby is proud to announce our 2015 Home Season Schedule: April 11, May 2, June 13, September 12, October 17, and November 14! Mark your calendars & stay tuned for news on which teams are set to battle our Mass Attack All Stars and Bloody Bordens!

Barrett’s Haunted Mansion

Mass Attack Roller Derby will once again be running amok in Barrett’s Haunted Mansion. Come visit us on Saturday, October 25th at Barrett’s Haunted Mansion in Abington, MA if you dare….. Tickets are on sale beginning at 6:30 until closing – see time schedule here. The mansion opens at 7pm… Read more »

Mass Attack Roller Derby: Respect & Responsibility

Respect. Family. Friends. Home. These are words used by our league members, when asked to describe MARD. The term “derby love” is used frequently in our community. We believe there’s a greater meaning behind those two simple words. Our league fosters a culture of respect and responsibility, holding skaters, referees, non-skating officials,… Read more »