Mass Attack Roller Derby Home Opener!

Mass Attack Roller Derby will host a doubleheader home opener at Carousel Family Fun Center of Fairhaven

Photo by Hector Vilches
Photo by Hector Vilches

Fairhaven, MA — After playing away games in New York, New Hampshire, and Maine to start their season, Mass Attack Roller Derby (MARD) will host their first home games of 2016 at Carousel Family Fun Center on May 14th.  During this doubleheader,  MARD’s  All Stars will face Jerzey Derby Brigade (JDB) for the second time in less than a year and MARD’ s Bloody Bordens will face Cape Cod Roller Derby’s (CCRD) Salty Dolls for the first time ever.  


MARD’s A Team, the All Stars, played Jerzey Derby Brigade in October of last year for the last game of their season in Morristown, NJ. The All Stars defeated JDB on their home turf 242 to 122. While MARD won by 120 points, All Stars co-captain Malice Paul says, “It felt like a closely matched game. JDB never gave up and their jammers made our blockers work really hard. We won’t underestimate them this time around just because we beat them last year.”  JDB currently ranks 37 seeds below MARD’s All Stars in the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association’s (WFTDA) rankings. WFTDA is the international governing body of flat track roller derby. MARD, a skater-operated and owned 501(c)3 organization, is Southeastern Massachusetts’ WFTDA league.


MARD’s B Team, the Bloody Bordens, will be competing against Cape Cod Roller Derby’s Salty Dolls. CCRD is one of MARD’s closest sister leagues, both geographically and in the strength of their relationship. CCRD regularly borrows Bordens skaters to skate with them against opponents, so going head to head with the Bordens will be a new experience for both teams. “CCRD has obviously been working hard in the off season and it really shows on the track. Given how many of the Bordens have played with CCRD for various scrimmages and events, it will be a real change of pace to play against them,” says Bloody Bordens co-captain Terpedo. CCRD league president, Lulu Nori Morse spoke to the depth of their relationship with MARD and the significance of this match-up:  “From day one, MARD has been our roller derby inspiration – their skaters, their space, their coaches, their swagger.  We will forever be grateful for all of the help and support MARD has given us. They have watched us grow and helped that growth. We have admired them from this side of the bridge for so long that this bout coming to fruition feels pretty surreal and epic.”


MARD’s season opener doubleheader will be the first of four hosted at their new home, Carousel Family Fun Center in Fairhaven. In addition to May 14th, MARD will play doubleheaders at Carousel on June 4th, July 16th, and August 13th.  Doors will open at 5:15 and the after party will be held at EJ’s in Fairhaven. Tickets are available on MARD’s website at under Games.