Skate with MARD

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When can I join your league?

Mass Attack Roller Derby offers four official New Recruit Nights a year! Our New Recruit Nights are where your roller derby journey begins with an orientation into the league, signing waivers, meeting league members and seeing what roller derby practice is all about. No experience is required, we will train you as a skater or official. Open recruiting occurs approximately every three months, but we are always accepting new players and transfers on a rolling basis.

Your first practice will be a mandatory information session. You will get an introduction to MARD and meet its members. You will review our recruit program so that when you strap on your skates at practice #2, you will know exactly what is expected of you and what playing roller derby is all about.

We encourage all new recruits to join us at our monthly Meet and Greet for open skate session prior to attending new recruit night. Please check out our Facebook events page for a full listing of dates.


What if I can’t skate/haven’t skated since my 8th birthday party?
Perfectly fine! We encourage and invite all skill levels to join us and grow together!
What if I don’t have any of my own gear?
We cover this MUCH more in depth during orientation, but the only thing you NEED to start is your own mouth guard!
What if I fall a lot?
Good thing the first thing we teach you as a new rookie skater is how to fall properly! Plus all the gear helps 😉

Our Gender Statement

Mass Attack Roller Derby is a women’s roller derby league with the mission to serve women who want to empower themselves through roller derby. However, because it is part of our mission to create an inclusive environment, we welcome individuals who identify as a trans women, intersex women, and/or gender expansive  athletes — who feel women’s flat track roller derby is the version of roller derby with which they feel most comfortable. Please see the WFTDA Gender Statement for more information.

Please fill out our form below, and we will send you more information about the league and recruit process!