MARD All-Stars

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MARD All-Stars Mission Statement

To include the most skilled and dedicated athletes from Mass Attack Roller Derby, who train individually and as a team in all skills of roller derby. The team will adhere to a consistently challenging training regimen both physically and mentally with aspirations of being ranked #1 in the country. Traveling regionally and nationally to compete with opponents of varied skill levels, the team will be diligent in developing its strengths, solidarity, and unity. Leadership (captain, co-captain and coach) will make all decisions in light of the health, safety, and best interest of the team.

MARD All-Stars Vision

Mass Attack All-Stars will take the #1 rank in WFTDA. The team will have 14 dedicated, full members and 6 up and coming members waiting for their opportunity to become full time members. The team will have sufficient funds in the bank for travel and compensation and will be highly sought after as a team other leagues wish to play. Mass Attack All-Stars will also be known for their generous hospitality, genuine sportswomanship, and sick dance moves on wheels.

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