Mass Attack Roller Derby is seeking a new home!

Photo by Daneurysm Roller Derby Photography

Photo by Daneurysm Roller Derby Photography

Southeastern Massachusetts’s Internationally ranked women’s flat track roller derby league is seeking space for league practices and public games.

Our skater-owned and operated 501(c)3 non-profit sports league called the former Silver City Sports Complex in Taunton home since 2013. A change in rink ownership occurred this April, and practice times remained available through the end of July. The league was able to rent space at Driscoll Skating Arena in Fall River until the end of August, until the skating arena installed ice for hockey season. After renovations this summer, new rink ownership informed us that other options were chosen moving forward, such as private functions and artistic skating.

To keep our teams competitive, we require consistent access to practice space. Our teams practice two nights per week. At this time of year, weather can make outside practices a challenge. We’ve been hauling a trailer full of borrowed lights and a generator to a basketball court when indoor practice isn’t possible. Ideally, we’d like to form a relationship with a roller rink, warehouse or gym space, and perhaps add a third night of practice.

Our practice time is spent teaching newer skaters core skating basics and endurance prior to learning contact, and working with seasoned skaters on conditioning, hard hits, technique and on-track strategies.

We’re currently seeking a public, indoor location for our October 17th and November 14th games, and the 2016 season. The floor surface needs to be suitable for skating, free of major obstructions.

In addition to providing live, flat track roller derby to an audience, Mass Attack Roller Derby’s games provide exposure to other local nonprofits such as the Taunton Boys & Girls Club, Silver City Teen Center, and Animal Protection Center of Southeastern MA. A different nonprofit is provided a presence at each game, and receives the proceeds of their 50/50 raffle. We believe it’s important to support the community.

How can you help? Please share our link on social media and let us know if you know of a space that may suit our needs. Including direct contact information for the recommended facility is super helpful. Our email address is

We appreciate your support of local roller derby!

Your friends at Mass Attack

Get Your Roller Derby On With Mass Attack!

Hey Friends, we are on TV!

Come check out our Derby 101 video and some awesome skater profiles on our Mass Attack league members!

Derby On Demand

You can find our videos on Xfinity OnDemand by searching for “Profiles” if you use the X1 platform, or by going to your “Get Local” section and selecting “Roller Derby” under the sports category.20150605_142337


If you want to get in on the action live time come see our next game!  It’s a double header, so there will be twice the action!

Bring a chair and sit track side on June 13th!








* Thank you to Comcast for taking the time to get to know us and producing these awesome videos we are so excited and grateful!

Where’s Your Journey Going to Take You?


Marie posing as part of a positive body image campaign in 2015 Photo taken by Jodie Ponte

Everyone’s derby journey is different. Mine hasn’t quite ended up where I thought it would after a year and a half, but that’s what’s great about derby, you can do so many different things. I remember my first day as a freshie. I was nervous, as I hadn’t been on skates in at least 15 years. I was convinced (and so was my mom) that since I can barely walk without injuring myself, I was ultimately setting myself up for many visits to the hospital.  My first practice involved a lot of me giving myself pep talks about not being scared – all while watching the rest of the MARD ladies skating and hitting and being generally awesome.

When we sat down to stretch at the end of the night, everyone went around and talked about what had brought them to derby. It was one of the first times in 29 years that I truly felt a connection to such a large group of people. Everyone was so positive and uplifting. By the end of the night, when I was walking out of the rink, I had forgotten all of my concerns about not being good enough and instead I replaced the negativity with all of the positive things people had said. After all, they had all been where I was at one point (though I’m still convinced that at least a handful of them skated out of the womb).

Once I finally leveled up to a 2 with my group of freshies, I was proud of myself. It hadn’t been easy after coming back from sickness and minor injuries, but everyone was once again encouraging and it helped silence the voice in my head that was saying, “I will never be able to do this.” During practices, or even open skates, every single league mate was willing to offer words of wisdom or to show me how to properly transition, hockey stop, etc. (even if it was the 79th time I asked). When the time came for assessments, the other skaters were there to help and make it as comfortable as a test can be. My major struggle, and the one thing I was determined to really nail, was jumping over the pad. It was something I was never able to do during practice, as I was constantly over-thinking it.  I didn’t make the jump the first time around the track. Making my way back to the pad, I kept telling myself to just do it and to stop worrying. The second time around, I cleared the jump! I was so proud of myself that I actually yelled from excitement. The part that really got to me (and made me cry) was the fact that I wasn’t yelling on my own – the rest of the skaters on the track were yelling from excitement with me. Though I didn’t end up passing the assessment, I walked away feeling accomplished and supported.


Bootiful Banshee, Mutha Trucka, Havana Heartbreak, Marie, and XQZ Moi at the 2015 MARD photo shoot. Picture taken by Spanks Red Hot and Sue Doe Nymph

Due to injury, and life getting in the way, I have had to step away from the skating part of derby. I was voted to be on the 2015 Board of Directors, so I am still able to be a part of a league of people I have grown to love. The amount of respect, support, and encouragement that my fellow league mates give each other on a daily basis is something I hope to never lose in life. Despite not being a current skater, I have never doubted that they still have my back. So, even though my journey started off with me skating and I am currently on the BoD and no longer skating, my love and support for these people hasn’t faltered. I hope to be a part of derby and MARD for a long time to come. I’m excited and ready to see where my derby journey will take me.

Blog post by Marie Desrosiers

May 2015 Featured Org – Boys & Girls Club of Taunton

MARD believes in giving back to our community. Every game we highlight a featured organization to bring awareness to charitable groups in our neighborhoods. For our May 2nd doubleheader our featured organization is The Boys & Girls Club of Tauton.

Feature Org BGCTauntonAbout

The Boys & Girls Club of Taunton is a safe, healthy place where the young people of our community can learn, grow, and have fun.

The Boys & Girls Club of Taunton gives youth in the Greater Taunton Region – especially those who need us most – a sense of hope, belonging, and purpose, as well as the skills they need to overcome life’s challenges and give back to their community.

Their “Clubhouse” is located at 31 Court Street in downtown Taunton. They are open every day after school and during most school vacations. Club Members may drop in at any time to engage in supervised activities led by our caring staff. Please visit their Membership page for details.

In addition to serving as a daily drop-in facility for young people, the Boys & Girls Club of Taunton offers a licensed Child Care program, several youth and adult Sports Leagues, the Tiger Sharks Swim Team and Swim Lessons.

Each summer the Boys & Girls Club of Taunton also operates Summer Camp at Lewis Park, a fantastic day camp facility located on 45 acres at 388 Harvey Street in Taunton.

Click here to visit their webpage or click here to visit their Facebook page.

April 2015 Featured Org – Silver City Teen Center

MARD believes in giving back to our community. Every game we highlight a featured organization to bring awareness to charitable groups in our neighborhoods. For our season opener our featured org is Silver City Teen Center.



Created to be a safe haven for Taunton’s teens, ages 13-19. Violence in any form, toward any person is unacceptable.


To promote safety, health & wellness for Taunton’s youth by creating a safe haven.

Organizational Overview

The Silver City Teen Center now located at the St. Thomas Church Hall, 111 High St., Taunton MA, is the result of an October 2008 National Make a Difference Day anti-gang, anti-youth violence & underage drinking prevention project to create a safe haven for Taunton teens ages 14 – 19. The initial project, for which the teen center received a $10,000 award from the Paul Newman Foundation & USA Weekend News, was a collaboration between the Taunton School Committee, the Mayor’s Office and Southeastern Massachusetts Voices Against Violence.
The SCTC supports an open enrollment and services/activities/programs are at no cost to families. At the request of the community, in 2011, the teen center amended the ages served to 13-19.

Silver City Teen Center members have multiple opportunities to participate in public service events to raise awareness about public health issues that directly impact them such as teen dating violence, bullying/cyberbullying, underage drinking & drug use; teen depression, self-injury and suicide prevention. Teen center volunteer staff are trained in these issues.

Tutoring is available free at the SCTC. Home tutoring is available on a sliding scale fee. Job readiness and college research support are also available.

Snacks & water are available & a meal will be served each day

Click here to visit their web site or here to view their Facebook page.

MARD is now 501(c)(3) recognized

A message from our President

Mass Attack Roller Derby is proud to share some very exciting news: our application to become a 501(c)(3) charitable organization has been approved by the IRS!

MARD remains a skater owned and operated league, run by volunteers and dues paying skaters. Any profits from ticket and merchandise sales pays for our practice space.
Receiving approval as a 501(c)(3) opens doors for our league, allowing access to grants, and makes donations and sponsorships tax-deductible! Access to funding via generous gifts helps MARD reach a goal of sustainability for the long term.

The research & application process was not easy, and a few hard-working ladies made this happen. HUGE thanks to Gwen Animalsattack, EH-Radiskator, Sixx Tatt, Jezebel Crush, Trouble’s Braids, & Evilyn Tent for all of your hard work!

Thanks to our fans & friends for your support!

Derby love,
Bootiful Banshee, #187

Make our derby dreams come true with a tax-deductible gift

Interested in sponsoring Mass Attack Roller Derby? Email our Sponsorship Team at [email protected]

2015 Meat and Greet Schedule



Come skate with us! Our Meat & Greets are a great time to meet the ladies of Mass Attack Roller Derby, ask questions, & learn what it takes to be a derby girl.

Come hang out and get a preview of life with the derbies. Our open recruiting night is the Monday after Meat & Greet … [email protected] for more info (you can only join 4 times a year)

Admission to open skate is $7 and skate rental is $3 charged by Silver City Sports Complex. If you have skates bring them!

Click below to RSVP to our Facebook events

April 4, 2015

July 11, 2015

October 3, 2015

2015 Season schedule!

Mass Attack Roller Derby is proud to announce our 2015 Home Season Schedule:
April 11, May 2, June 13, September 12, October 17, and November 14!

Mark your calendars & stay tuned for news on which teams are set to battle our Mass Attack All Stars and Bloody Bordens!


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